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School and event photography made simply, by getting rid of the old fashioned proof cards and creating an on line shop that handles everything. By removing the proof cards parents get a wider choice of images to view, more time to view them and on top of all that, its easier for the schools to manage!

Using a more creative style, our images are the kind that parents “want to have” and not “must have” simply because its their first school photo. We will create a range of outstanding images that parents will not only want to purchase, but also have proudly displayed on their walls at home, in the office, on their mugs, and even fridge magnets or mouse matts! In fact, just about everywhere we can print them – school photos just got a lot more interesting!

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Creative and professional services from everyone involved

Nursery & School Photography

Using an online shop couldn’t make things easier for everyone, but how does it all work? Well its simple, once we have a list of names of all the children provided before hand by the school or nursery we print each child a QR code card. This card is all the parent needs to access their childs photos in the online shop. Once they have logged in, they will either see the images or be told they will receive an email once the images are ready to view. Things couldn’t be made more simple, no more handing out proof cards and pursuing parents to hand them back in, we do all the work for you.

Our Online Shop

Secure and safe, each child’s photos are only accessible by the parent using the password card. Once they have logged in they can view all the images or they will receive a message saying that they are still in the editing phase and will receive either an email or a sms message to say when they are ready. We have a great variety of packages set up, download options and individual products for parents to choose from. purchase, If you want to get just one item or something a little different then we have many items from individual prints, phone cases, christmas baubles, fridge magnets to state of the art aluminium wall prints – we aim to provide a choice for everyone. 

Event & Club Photography

If you have an event or a club of any kind and want to capture some exciting and creative images for it then please get in touch. Take a look at our striking Wing Chun student. Using either our mobile studio set up or working at the event we have everything covered.  


What are you waiting for? Head to our contact page and get in touch!